Universal IR Learning Module

Help you control all the IR devices !

Industrial Automation Technology Innovator and Enhancer.

Introduction IR-712A/IR-712-MTCP

RS-485/Ethernet interface

2x IR outputs,224x IR commands

Modbus RTU/TCP protocol

Modbus RTU/TCP protocol to emit IR commands

6 learning IR carrier frequencies

33、36、37、38、40 and 56 kHz

IR-712A is a universal IR learning remote module
which can learn IR remote commands of various electronic devices.

The learning commands can be stored in the module or saved to a file. Besides, IR-712A software utility provides users with easy configuration, learning, test, and storage of IR commands.

IR-712A supplies 2 IR output channels for individual or simultaneous control on multiple devices.

As a replacement of IR remote controls, IR-712A can easily integrated with Modbus master devices (e.g. PAC, PLC, PC… etc.), IR-712A is well-suited for smart home and building automation.


Home Entertainment Devices

Video Conferencing System

Surveillance System

e-Classroom service

Lighting Scenario Control

Home and Building Automation