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      The switches time recording

      Data record up to 1,600 records

      Inductive action delay time

      Relay delay time adjusted by software (0.5~20 sec)

      Interface and protocol

      RS-485 / Modbus RTU

      Double-color status indicators

      Blue / Red

      Features ACS-20B(W)-MRTU

      • Special infrared code to against interference
      • Multiple operating modes: Sensing, Standby, Lock, Toggle Switch
      • Provides 8 lockup periods each day
      • With relay (N.C. and N.O. output)
      • Double-color status indicators
      • Induction distance: 1~12 cm
      • Inductive action delay time: 0.5 ~ 20 sec
      • The switches time recording: 1,600 records
      • Interface and protocol: RS-485 / Modbus RTU

      User Behavior Analysis

      ICP DAS No-touch infrared switch! The DAQ executor!

      User data acquisition

      Amount Counting Data

      Big Data

      Baseline and Peak Analysis

      User Behavior Analytics

      Deployment of Demo Kits

      Demonstrate the scenario of employees go inside and outside.

      Demonstrate the Modbus RTU communication and Software config function via TPD-433F-H.

      Built-in real-time clock, the time will be recorded when the switch has been triggered.

      The adjustable off-delay time function.

      Lockdown switch function.

      Toggle switch function.

      Sensing Mode / Off-delay Function / Toggle Mode / Lock Mode Test

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